Mission Statement

Advocating for access to health service,social & economic
development and equal right for the poor and vulnerable
people in the community


To have a society where human rights for all are respected
regardless of one’s status,political affilation,race cultural
difference and gender


  • To advocate for protection and promotion of human rights for all persons regardless of their status in the community.
  • To help communities eradicate poverty
  • To build partnerships with various stakeholders at district, national and international level.


History of the organization

ALEJO Community Support Project is a Non-governmental Organization based in Mufulira district on the Copperbelt province of Zambia. Its office is located at Mwele Business Centre, Room 2, Freedomway/Accra Road, Mufulira. ALEJO CSP was formed on the 10th June 2010 working in Mufulira communities with a view of mitigating the effects of extreme poverty in the communities. ALEJO is a Greek word which means “defender of man or protector of humanity”.

The organization was registered as a Charitable Trust with the Registrar of Companies on 14th January 2011 with the registration number of 89578 and its serial number is 1233202. ALEJO Community Support Project (ALEJO CSP) being action oriented started to grow in membership and the demand of its services from other communities increased also.

The organization was formed specifically to work with different communities and other like-minded organizations to lobby/Advocate for better and more sustainable community programs with a bias on Livelihood Sustaining Activities (LSAs) and Governance Programs. The organization since inception has lived up to its core-existence i.e. promoting programs on the reduction of extreme poverty in the communities and economic empowerment and raising awareness on the dangers, and effects of HIV/AIDS and other crosscutting issues such as Gender.

Geographical Coverage

Copper belt Province Towns

Partner Organizations

National and International Partners

Programs and Activities in Pictures